caring for your wool products

let's face it, no matter how great of care we take of our nice woolens, they still get dirty!  or if you're like me, you have pets and my wool blankets are, let's say, not respectable!  here are some care tips for cleaning your woolens, and if you have questions please please ask, it's not hard to wash woolens, but you definitely want to pay attention to the details.

The easiest way to clean them  is to find a great dry cleaner that knows  all about how to clean wool and uses eco-friendly cleaning methods.  But never fear, you can clean woolens yourself in the following method:

Doing it yourself, method #1 - The top loading washing machine

1. Place a dollop of detergent into the tub of the washer, and fill with cool water WITHOUT your wool item in the washer.  The key piece in any cleaning method is never ever never agitate, and water pouring onto woolens will agitate the fibers.

2. Now, you can gently place your woolens into the washer and gently submerge, as the wool begins to absorb the moisture, it will sink a bit and again, no agitating!

3. Let sit for about 20 minutes in the soapy water, then set your washer to the drain and spin cycle.  Once the cycle is over, we rinse.

4. Remove the item from the tub!!!!  Then refill the washer, but no soap this time.

Repeat steps 2 and 3.

5. Now, if your item is small (hat, sweater, mittens, etc) you will lay these items flat, probably on a towel, and without stretching, try to shape it as it should look.  If it's a large item, throw, blanket, etc. this gets tricky! There are stretching frames, but let's be for real, most people don't have those.  I hang my own throws and blankets over a clothesline, only folding it once over the line, and I then gently pull the edges to square the blanket off, and I weight the corners with clothespins.  

6. My last step, is I press (iron) the heck out of my blankets, it helps to get the wrinkles out and as wool tends to pull up when it dries, it helps to relax it back to size.  Med - High heat, steam and don't stop moving your iron! Viola!

Other Care Tips

- keep wool out of direct sunlight as much as possible.  Even natural color wool will fade in sunlight, think of how human hair can change with sun exposure, same goes for wool!  Over exposure to sun can also cause the wool to dry and become more brittle over time.

- when storing, keep in a cool dry place, like a cedar chest or closet.  Storing with cedar to help repel moths and other critters.